For New Parents

At Bump to 3 we believe that parenting is the most important role any of us will ever take on.
We also understand that along with the many highs of parenthood come the occasional challenges! So we offer you sound options and possible solutions to these inevitable challenges, supporting your enjoyment of these special years, from prenatal to preschool.

Sharing understanding of baby & toddler development

Baby-Insights: Solid Starts 1st Foods Course

Price: £45.00   

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  • Hoping for a bit of fun + a common-sense, evidence-informed approach to introducing your baby to solid foods?
  • Come along to this 4 hour interactive & sociable Solid Starts Course held over 2 sessions. Next dates will be AUTUMN 2019- see our Facebook page (icon top Right) for future course & event listings.... includes tasters & take-homes! 
  • Discover how your baby’s development will guide you both through the weaning process!
  • Babies are welcomed (non-mobile only though for safety reasons) & parenting partners count as one course participant

Offered as a supplement to NHS and children’s centre ‘starting solids talks’, this workshop is most suited to parents and carers of babies who are approaching 4 months  and up to 6 months old.

Together we’ll have a look at:

  • the emotional aspects of feeding your baby with solid foods
  • how the traditional ‘spoon-feeding’ and ‘baby-led weaning‘ approaches can work together
  • the ‘what & when’, as well as the ‘why and how’ of offering family foods
  • how to spot if your baby is developmentally ready
  • the practical aspects to consider, as well as food-safety tips
  • nutritional requirements of babies from 6 months, based on sound evidence-based sources
  • avoiding common pitfalls, saving you hours of frustration & worry - as well as heaps of wasted food!
  • avoiding allergies
  • reviewing confidence-building basic 1st Aid skills

There will also be a chance to share lots of ‘tips’ & to try out some processed food & home-made ‘tasters’, as well as some fun hands-on time to have a go at prepping, steaming, mashing + role-playing a baby!

Held regularly at clean & comfy venues in Warwick / Kenilworth / Leamington. Facilitated by Philippa & Clair (from Bump to3) & are both registered health professionals

RELAUNCH Fee - £45 each (or special deal £80 if for you +  friend!) Includes Tasters, Take-Homes + Handouts! nb/ Usual Cost of 4 hour+ Course: £55 .

Get in Touch to request more information on dates & locations.


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Baby-Insights: Womb to World Postnatal Course

Price: £90.00   

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  • a 6 week friendly and relaxed course over 12 hours, welcoming you gently to motherhood
  • a great way to meet mums living locally, and to access feeding support. 
  • prepare for the developmental 'leaps' that your baby will go through over the weeks & months ahead
  • endorsed by the NHS and recognised by local midwives and health visitors 

Each session includes some time for 'positive touch' baby massage, as well as a themed discussion around topics important to you, such as.

  • Emotional Highs & Lows
  • Understanding newborn behaviour plus baby-calming Top Tips
  • Developmental Leaps & Sleep
  • Your baby's health & wellbeing
  • Changes & Challenges
  •  Anticipating transitions ahead!

Yummy refreshments, Handouts for your reference at home & your choice of infant massage oil are included.

Venues are arranged to suit the majority of participants...ensure a local venue to you by gathering together you own group - maybe from your antenatal course or postnatal exercise group!?!

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What mothers have said:

We both loved this course, wish we could go every week for at least 6 months! It's been really nice meeting other mums and knowing you're not alone. I learned loads of great techniques to keep my baby happy and calm, and I really feel after the course that most of the time I understand her and know what she wants before she gets too upset. One of my favourite parts was the massage introduction, which I found to be a  lovely way to bond with her. We shared hints & tips that have made me feel much more confident as a new mum; I use most of them everyday now without even realising. It's really reassuring to know that my way of mothering isn't wrong because some "experts" say it is, it's just a different way of doing things - everyone always comments what a happy and content baby she is so I must be doing something right! Clair was so warm and welcoming. I just can't stop raving on about this course to anyone who'll listen; I would definitely recommend it!!!. Maura + Baby E.


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Baby-Insights: Nurturing Baby Massage Course

Price: £55.00   

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  • Would you like to feel more ‘tuned-in’ to your newborn?
  • Want to help support your baby’s emotional & physical development?  
  • Would you appreciate learning a way of helping your baby's day/night 'circadian rhythm' to help promote sleep?   
  • Would you like to give your baby a gift for life?

The well-researched (IAIM) infant massage programme that Clair will share with you has been found to be beneficial in many ways to young babies. It is recognised as the 'gold-standard' of infant massage courses by the NHS, the Royal College of Midwives, the Literacy Trust, Warwick University’s ‘Infant & Family Wellbeing Unit’ (WIFWU) and is endorsed by many other respected authorities on infant emotional and physical health & development.

It has been proven that this type of baby massage can:

  • help new parents to understand their baby’s body language and communication 'cues'
  • help with promoting the bonding process, building your baby’s feelings of trust and confidence in the world
  • contribute to the development of a baby’s emerging day / night sleep patterns (resulting in more sleep for new parents!)
  • enhance a baby’s emotional and physical health & development

The Nurturing Baby Massage groups with Clair are very small, allowing you the time and space to relax.

You can feed, change, walk around with baby, just sit & watch…in other words, whatever you feel comfortable with is fine!

The course is:

  • suitable for a maximum of 7 mums with babies (with a minimum of 5 in a hired venue). 
  • 90 minutes weekly for a minimum of 4 weeks (up to 6 weeks depending on numbers).
  • suitable for babies from 5 weeks to 12 weeks old from 'due' date (at the 1st session)..

You will start off very slowly, gently learning the massage strokes for your baby’s legs, and then build up to massaging the other body areas little by little over the weeks.

By the last session of the course, parents find that they (& the babies) are both enjoying the experience of communicating through loving nurturing touch.

By continuing to use this massage at home with your baby, you will help his/her body systems to settle into a day/night sleep pattern and strengthen the pre-bedtime ritual that can be so important for winding down to bedtime & nightime sleep.

What one mother said about the Nurturing Baby Massage Course (read more on the Testimonials page):

“If you only do one thing postnatally, do baby massage with Clair….It was a real confidence-booster”…I feel we gained a lot from it”…”a relaxed, warm environment – perfect for nurturing babies“ Josie + baby A.

You can also read more about this infant massage approach & it’s benefits on the website:

Total Cost of a 4 week (6 hour) Course – depends whether one of the mums in your group can host it in her own home! If so the Course Fee for 4 sessions is £55 for each mum & baby. Course fee includes a bottle of trusted baby massage oil (plus another 2 optional choices of different branded oils) and printed handouts .

If held in a venue, the cost will rise a little to cover room hire charges. If the group comprises 7 mothers with babies the course will be held over 5 weeks. 

Get in Touch – if you’d like a course arranged just for you & friends from your Bump to 3, NHS, NCT or other antenatal friends. A fun and sociable way to boost newly-forged bonds!  


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Family Wellbeing: Baby-Calming 1-to-1

Price: £80.00   

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During your bespoke Baby-Calming One-to-One you can choose to: 

  • Have a go with a couple of different baby slings, to get a feel of which could work for you
  • Practice baby massage strokes with your baby in the comfort & familiarity of his or her own home..
  • Become even more expert in 'reading' your baby's communication clues
  • Involve both parents in your baby's care, or a parent plus grandparent together  

By the end of the session you will be confident to:

  • Help your baby's physical & emotional development through the gift of positive nurturing touch & close proximity to your body in a carrier
  • Learn other calming skills to have ready at your fingertips! 
  • Clair can help you build upon your own expertise, having undertaken specialist training with:

            * the 'IAIM' gold-standard of infant massage, endorsed by the NHS & the Royal College of Midwives

            * Dr. Karp's 'Happiest Baby' approach, tailored to each individual baby's inbuilt personality & temperament.

            * Dr. Berry Brazelton's 'Neonatal Behavioural' support programme

Each One-to-One will last for 90 minutes. If you'd like to include baby massage, the session fee will also include your choice of 3 trusted infant massage oil brands.

Your One-to-One will also include a free phone consultation within the following week. 

Please note that a mileage charge will be payable based on 45p per mile from CV8 2WP

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Family Wellbeing: Postnatal Feeding 1-to-1

Price: £70.00   

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  • Would you like to plan for reliable 1-to-1 breastfeeding help at home, set-up for after the birth of your baby?
  • Need some 'solution-focussed' options to deal with a current feeding challenge?
  • Or just some responsive personalised support at home, to discuss & consider options for night-time feeding & 'baby-calming' approaches? 

Home visit fees are based on a rate of £70 * for up to 1.5 hours    * based on travel within 8 miles from our base @Cv8 2WP; further mileage will incur a small extra charge

Get in Touch to arrange a 1-to-1 with Clair (Qualified Nurse & Health Visitor) & she'll get back to you as soon as she can!

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What our clients have to say

Amazing work, thank you so much for everything that you have done.

From Jane & baby D

Thanks for the baby massage Clair– C. has loved being massaged and it’s been great to have something I could follow-up with her at home. After a difficult birth and then me feeling so low and anxious, it definitely helped improve our relationship.

From Pam & baby C

Thanks for the baby massage Clair– C. has loved being massaged and it’s been great to have something I could follow-up with her at home. After a difficult birth and then me feeling so low and anxious, it definitely helped improve our relationship.

From Pam & baby k