For Parents to be

Planning properly for your new arrival is cruicial and we can help. With small group led courses to help fast mums slow down, to our baby inspired shopping trip, we can help you get prepared and geared up for you new arrival.

Sharing understanding of baby & toddler development

Baby MILK-MATTERS Antenatal Seminar

Price: £7.50    Deposit: £5.00

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An informal & informative seminar for mothers-to-be & partners (or parenting supporter) focussing on newborn communication & feeding.

ON-HOLD from SUMMER 2020; usually held monthly on a Sunday afternoon,1.15 - 2.45pm @ the Kenilworth Centre CV8 1QJ.                                                                                                                              

Ideal to attend from any time from around 26 weeks into pregnancy & led by a trained practitioner. Each stand-alone sesion is 90 minutes & refreshments are included.

Find out more about:

  • what new babies need for healthy emotional development, however they're fed
  • how to prepare for whichever way you plan or hope to feed your new baby, from day one...whether that's with your own mothers' milk or with formula milk using 'paced' feeding
  • sources of local help & support with feeding your newborn in the early weeks   

Take away your personalised Postnatal Wellbeing Resource Pack to keep handy for after the birth.

PLUS meet other parents-to-be & strengthen your local networks...friendly faces with babies around the same ages & stages can prove invaluable in the early weeks & months! Referrals from local Midwives & Health Visitors are welcomed (with permission & in confidence) in support of a fee waiver.

Parking is FREE in the adjacent Abbey End Car Park. Access to the 1st floor in the Kenilworth Centre is via stairs or lift.

These 2019 Milk-Matters seminars have been supported by a small grant by the Kenilworth Lions - thanks, it's very much appreciated!

NB/ the definition of 'seminar' = "a group or meeting for holding discussions or exchanging information" (ref.Collins English Dictionary) 






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Family Wellbeing: Prenatal Baby Prep 1-to-1

Price: £60.00   

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  • Have you been on Bump to 3's 'Bump to Baby Prep Course' and want some individual time to reflect or review in the comfort of your own home? 
  • Hope to benefit from a personalised, one-to-one 'Milk-Matters' the comfort of your own home?
  • Or are you hoping to consider feeding & baby-calming options in more detail with your partner (or grandparent-to-be), before your baby's arrival? 
  • Prefer to share thoughts about your birthing preferences with someone qualified to help you to liaise with NHS (or independent) professionals, should that be what you feel you need?

Get in Touch to request a call. We'll get back to you as soon as they can to arrange a convenient appointment. 

Home visit fees are based on a rate of £65 * for up to 1.5 hours    * based on travel within 8 miles from CV8 2WP; further mileage will incur a small extra charge. 


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'Bump To Baby Prep' Antenatal Course for Parents-to-be (SUMMER 2020-CURRENTLY On-Hold)

Price: £175.00   

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  • Fancy meeting some other like-minded parents-to-be, who'll be at a similar stage in their pregnancy?
  • Are you busy with work during the week & feeling unable to face evening antenatal classes, after already hectic days?
  • Would you prefer to spend 2 relaxing Saturdays in comfortable surroundings, with 2 qualified, NHS-accredited facilitators?

Our 'Bump To Baby Prep' Antenatal Course is the relaxing & hassle-free prenatal preparation for birth & beyond in south Warwickshire! 

Join with like-minded parents-to-be for 'Bump to Baby Prep' at around 30 weeks into pregnancy, and you'll be able to call for free personalised feeding & caring support in the early weeks back at home with with your newborn.

With current local NHS links, NHS back-up & the trust of your local midwifery & health visitor teams, you can have full confidence that we will share only sound information with you - supporting your options for birthing and early parenting. 

USUALLY held on 2 consecutive Saturdays (ON-HOLD due to COVID-19) in a relaxing, comfortable venue between Stratford-Upon-Avon & Warwick, as 'Bump to Baby Prep' participants you will also be able to enjoy FREE use of the hotel's on-site Health Spa & Pool after each session! 

The two day 'Bump to Baby Prep' course weaves together the information that parents-to-be want to know about pregnancy and birth, along with preparation for forming a relationship with your baby, from the womb to birth and beyond.

WHAT WILL WE COVER over the 2 Saturdays on the 'Bump to Baby Prep' Course?

Session One (on Day 1) from 9.30 am to 3.30 pm covers:

  • getting to know your baby in the womb
  • helping you and your baby through the rest of pregnancy 
  • your baby and the stages of labour.

Session Two (on Day 2) from 9.30 am to 4pm covers:

  • helping you and your baby through labour and birth 
  • feeding your new baby
  • local resources, baby-friendly locations & sources of support

Each couple attending will be given a pack of course handouts which includes key information on what to look out for in early labour, being aware of your baby's movements, as well as  information on local resources & sources of postnatal support local to where you live.

The Course includes refreshments; lunch is available to buy on-site, or you're very welcome to bring your own. We promise that you'll not be put on the spot, there'll be no awkward moments, nor any need for sharing embarrasing revelations over the 2 days!!

Following the 2-day Course, we normally offer optional extra sessions are available for you:

  • a 'Dads2B' meet-up for fathers-to-be, co-ordinated by our linked 'birth-friendly' male practitioner! As a father & grandfather himself he'll not be shocked or shy of any subject! 
  • a 'MILK Matters' Workshop' - a more detailed look at  exploring & understanding feeding options. Especially useful for expectant mothers who'd like to understand more about how the physiology of breastfeeding works, and the skills that both babies and new mothers need to learn as part of the process. We'll also be discussing 'responsive' feeding in this session, and how this is important whether feeding naturally or via a bottle.    

NB/ (the dates & locations of these 2 workshop sessions are arranged with you during the main course, to fit in with what's most convenient for you!).

The 'Bump to Baby Prep' course is complementary to the afternoon or evening NHS 'Parentcraft' sessions, held either at Warwick Maternity Unit or in a local children's centre. We strongly support parents-to-be in accessing these free sessions as well, as the the content of these will focus more on the physical aspects of delivery, and will also enable meet-ups with other local people who are at roughly the same stage in pregnancy. 

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What our clients have to say

Amazing work, thank you so much for everything that you have done.

From Jane & baby D

Thanks for the baby massage Clair– C. has loved being massaged and it’s been great to have something I could follow-up with her at home. After a difficult birth and then me feeling so low and anxious, it definitely helped improve our relationship.

From Pam & baby C

Thanks for the baby massage Clair– C. has loved being massaged and it’s been great to have something I could follow-up with her at home. After a difficult birth and then me feeling so low and anxious, it definitely helped improve our relationship.

From Pam & baby k