What we do

We listen. We care. We help you to prepare...for each new step on your parenting journey, from prenatal to preschool & beyond!.

  • We share sound unbiased information (backed up by solid evidence-based research) through our friendly short courses, sociable bite-sized seminars & supportive, solution-focussed one-to-ones
  • We promise we never judge; we will support you with respectful understanding to trust your own innate judgments & to make your own informed choices

sharing understanding of baby & toddler development

Here's a glimpse into some of the Antenatal, Postnatal & Early Parenthood services we usually offer (sadly ALL ON-HOLD from SUMMER 2020) 

Recognisiing that our Carers deserve our care, all our services are offered at REDUCED RATES for local NHS Midwives, Health Visitors & Allied Healthcare Professionals

ANTENATAL: sociable, themed meet-ups

Begin your prep for the exciting journey ahead you're about to begin...While meeting like-minded people who could become your 'new-parent network' in the months & years ahead. 

 'Bump to Baby Prep' Antenatal Course 

Usually held on demand (ON-HOLD from SUMMER 2020) on 2 consecutive Saturdays. Perfect for busy expectant parents & totally free of confusing myths!

'Bump to Baby Prep' is an NHS-endorsed course & is complementary to local NHS community midwives and health visitor antenatal sessions. 

Attendance includes access to FREE weekly 1-to-1 postnatal feeding support, held in South Warwickshire baby-friendly venues.

'Womb2 World: Prenatal BabyCalming' Workshop 

For building your understanding of newborn behaviour & compiling your tool-box of babycalming skills! This workshop can be enjoyed as a personalised One-to-One for you & your parenting partner (or supporter) in the comfort of your own home & at a time to suit you! Or as an add-on session for a group of antenatal friends in a venue convenient for you!

'Milk Matters: Prenatal Prep 4 Feeding' masterclass

A monthly meet-up (ON-HOLD from SUMMER 2020) on a Sunday afternoon for parents-to-be (expectant mother plus one birth / early parenting supporter), through an informal, facilitated discussion on positive approaches to feeding your newborn in the early weeks.  

Gain a sound understanding of newborn hunger signals & of nurturing your baby's emotional wellbeing through responsive feeding. We consider preparation for physiological feeding i.e. with mammas own milk. Plus we build on your awareness of the tools required for alternative feeding methods.

Enjoy a cuppa & take away evidence-informed resouces to keep for use after the birth, including a list of local sources of breastfeeding help. 

POSTNATAL: sociable themed meet-ups 

* Need to get out of your home for some adult company, away from your own four walls? Would you like to find a regular sociable meet-up for you, as well as a gentle welcome to the world for your baby, rather than a noisy & chaotic 'coffee-morning' or expensive franchised group activity?

* Hope you'll find like-minds with whom to feel nurtured and supported postnatally?

'Womb to World' Postnatal Course 

This Bump to 3 informal & sociable course is usually held on demand over  a period of 12 hours across 6 weeks - so you can build lasting & reliable local friendships. 

Build on your baby-calming skills & share 'wonder-weeks' awareness, preparing for your baby's next developmental stage! 

Our 'Womb to World' Course also includes a cuppa & healthful cake, as well as giving you knowledge foundation of a 'positive touch' baby massage programme, which we weave in through the sessions week-to-week. So that you and your baby can just relax & enjoy your time together, alongside other mothers with similar-aged babies.

'Solid Starts: Weaning-Ways' Bite-Sized Workshops - a series of 3 x 2-hour sessions which build on your local health visitor team's foundation talk on starting solids.  

'Solid Starts: Weaning-Ways' Workshop One

For exploring all options for enabling your baby's happy start with solid foods, building your understanding of developmental stages & avoiding the risk of allergies.  (Helpful to attend from around 15 weeks postnatal) Includes a discounted place on a local Baby 1st Aid Course.

'Solid Starts: Weaning-Ways' Workshop Two

Build skills and confidence with preparing a range of baby-frendly family meals, saving yourself time & money, as well as protecting the environment from packaging!          (Helpful to attend from around 9 months postnatal)

'Solid Starts: Weaning Ways' Workshop Three 

Focussed on ways to avoid mealtime mayhem! Includes what to expect as your baby enters toddlerhood, as well as how to cope with tantrums, along with fussy & faddy eating. (Helpful to attend from around 1 year postnatal)     


EARLY PARENTHOOD: sociable themed meet-ups 

We offer a regular series of informal & sociable small group workshop sessions, for preparing yourself for the next developmental phase, sharing toddlerhood tips & facilitating friendships!   

'Talking Tantrums' Workshop,

'How Sleep Works' Workshop

'Twenty Tiny Tastes' Workshop 



Not a group or 'coffee-morning' person? Prefer to talk 1-to-1 in the privacy of your own home?

Bump to 3 offers 'Family-Wellbeing' One-to-Ones for as much time as you need to consider the information & options that are relevent to your individual baby, toddler & family. Giving you the 'headspace' to think & leaving you with appropriate & simple solution-focussed options.

Enjoy a personalised consultation focussed on the issues you prioretise. Maybe in the early postnatal months that's around feeding or sleep, or maybe you'd appreciate a chance to practice the baby massage strokes you learnt 6 months ago, but unexpected family issues have taken too much time to enable you to practice? 

Maybe later on it's around areas of toddler behaviour or family relationships? Or maybe you're just feeling unsettled and don't know why? We listen & share evidence-informed options...you choose those that will work for you.

Feel inclined to support a trusted local not-for-profit service that puts funds back into the community (not straight into a business owner's personal bank account)? Want to check us out before you invest your hard-earned cash? Head over to Bump to 3's bi-monthly 'BUMP & BEYOND! Evenings for expectant & new parents, to discover more about Bump to 3 local services + for a chance to win a Voucher to spend on a group session or a One-to-One! Held in Leamington CV32

And if you & your family experience special circumstances around the time of birth or in the early postnatal weeks, please come along to our free-of-charge sessions:

By booking a service with Bump to 3 you'll be helping to support other local new parents.who may have bigger challenges. perhaps due to illness or adversity...or just because there's not yet enough of a supportive 'village' in most 21st century western communities to share the early parenting load... 




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What our clients have to say

Thanks for the baby massage Clair– C. has loved being massaged and it’s been great to have something I could follow-up with her at home. After a difficult birth and then me feeling so low and anxious, it definitely helped improve our relationship.

From Pam & baby k

Amazing work, thank you so much for everything that you have done.

From Jane & baby D

Thanks for the baby massage Clair– C. has loved being massaged and it’s been great to have something I could follow-up with her at home. After a difficult birth and then me feeling so low and anxious, it definitely helped improve our relationship.

From Pam & baby C